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any experience with these cells?
I got a call from my battery contact today.  Says he has a fair amount of cells.  I assumed so since he called me instead of me checking in with him.  I posted on the facebook group but didn't get the response i was hoping for which was if anyone had experience with these cells.  The green shrink wrapped ones i have experience with, and good experience at that.

The others, including the medpack ones i haven't seen before.

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the baxter infusion pump batts have 2 103450 cells if they are like the ones i had.
the other packs are 18650 based.
your yield will depend on age/usage but medical packs i have processed tend to give the best condition cells as they get replaced long before they wear out.
You are correct.  When i went by to see him, we opened one up and it wasn't the 18650s.  So I left those.  I snagged all the 2 cell modules there, and the 8's.

Picked up 110lbs.  Came out to 1010 cells.

with them added to my other cells in process


and a few more
i wouldnt mind some of those baxter packs.
probably not close to dayton oh.
(02-29-2020, 01:04 AM)kc8adu Wrote: i wouldnt mind some of those baxter packs.
probably not close to dayton oh.

lol tampa, fl
There's nothing wrong with those 103450 cells per-se, only that their form factor is a bit different. Just remember that the case is positive, opposite that of the 18650.

Typically have capacity of of about 2000mAh.

If you have access to a 3d printer the lack of available cell holders due to the different form factor can be overcome.
seems i end up modding a lot of these.
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