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Accessing salvage battery pack data through rs232 /rs485
Hi all

I may be getting access to some salvage units of telecom backup power LiFePO4 battery pack.
The model is a shoto SDA10-4850, its a 48v 50Ah pack.

Its supposed to have a communication interface that can supposedly communicate its inner working history and remaining pack/cell condition. The interface listed in its manual is RS232 and RS485. I have no idea how to get data through that. There are RS232 to USB converters/adapters available online. But once its connected to the USB port of a PC, what to do next? Anybody have an idea of which software to use to communicate with it?

Heres the manual link:

Any help is welcome.
You should be able to access it with no additional software, just by using the serial connection.

Of course, you will need to know or determine the correct baud rate and if you have a successful connection go from there.

So get putty and try to access it with various baud well-known values.
Well that's the first step.
Once the handshake is done, how to get any useful data out of it and make sense of it? Is there any software that is used by datacentre or IT/telecom people to easily display the data accessed through these ports? After all these ports must have some user-friendly utility for them to be there.
I just gave away 4 of those units last week, was never able to work it out Note: didn't try that hard Tongue
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