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Wooden cell holder
There are a few disadvantages. Wood has a tendency to crack. Wood can absorb moisture, and if the voltage is high enough, arcs can cause wood to burn, leaving a more conductive path behind.

Building pack holders, or shelves for batteries out of wood makes sense, if you find it easier to work with.

There are many DIY holders people have made using PVC tube. This is the way I would opt to go, if I were going the DIY route. Tube has other advantages, as you can easily slide a cell out, without cutting the plastic ears. See the above video AveRageJoe made.

Personally I would stick to the off the shelf holders, as there is a lot of time and effort in making your own. Unless you need something a specific shape or size.
I use wooden boxes I personally build for storage.
For packs, the design and material used varies depending on purpose.
I had a go with the wood. Definitely too much effort.

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