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From Alabama
Good morning! Glad to find this place. I’ve toyed with the idea of a Powerwalls and solar for a long time but collecting the batteries seemed too daunting. Fast forward a couple years and nearly 300 48v 7ah - 13ah ebike batteries fall in my lap for 10 cents a pound. Now it’s game on and trying to get all these things processed.

Good times, looking forward to the challenge.
Welcome - and can you share what you plan to build for your 1st effort?
I already built a couple high capacity portable device chargers. I’ve started my Powerwall project. Just been pulling the the ebike batteries apart, doing all the charging and checking and finally putting new shrink on them. Doing tons research right now as well.

Oh, I built a bigger battery for my kid’s electric go cart. I’m thinking of building an ebike for next year’s hunting season.

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