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48v modular packs
(03-12-2020, 08:16 PM)Korishan Wrote: Hahah, looks like a Tetris piece Wink

Yeah it does, a 50lb Tetris piece lol
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This is the route I have settled on too. I am using a 14s12p arrangement, in a 'grid' of 15 x 12, with the spare row of 12 to house connectors, internal BMS for portable packs, and a voltmeter.

I have not settled on my main connectors yet, but am using DB25 (i.e. 25 pin serial port) connectors as a means of accessing each string of parallel cells to connect into a BMS, whether internal or external to the pack.

I chose the size of the packs because I can fit 2 of these neatly into a large ammo can and use it as a fully self contained portable power source. Alternatively, I can remove the lid, and slide it sideways into a rack as part of a larger system.

I will start a thread in due course - not meaning to hijack this one, but just showing support for the 14s modular pack concept.
WOW  ….   looks good Smile 
Call me when ya get some time … got your text ..  Yes I have more of the Dell Packs if you want them . . . And they are from the same shipment as the last ones . . . .Just guessing I have 200 to 250 packs  . . .

Guess I need to get back to work on mine  . . . .  YOUR GOING TO BEAT ME TO THE FINISH LINE !!!!!!!
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