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use Li-on BMS on LiFePO4?
I'm looking for a 16s BMS for LiFePO4 batteries, but the only ones in stock are from China and delivery time is 30+ days. 16s BMS's for Li-on are in stock here in the states... I know there's a charging voltage difference (4.2 vs 3.6), but is there a way to use Li-on BMS's on LiFePO4, maybe in combination with some other device to trick/hack/psuedo re-program the Li-on BMS to stop at 3.6?
No, you can't use Li-Ion bms's with LiFePO4 batteries, "unless" the bms is specifically designed to handle both chemistries. Because of the voltage difference, the bms will mess up the batteries. The ones that can handle both chemisties usually have a jumper setting to switch from one type to the other.
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Agreed, the Li-Ion BMS will let LiFePO4 batteries overcharge.

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