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junction box
there is my PV jucntion box 4 IN + 1 out  


8 Panels (2 in // and 4 in séries). PV = 12

4 breakers  10 A + 2 poles switch 63A

it will be upgraded later (fuse + lignhting protection)

It's not perfect for the moment  Shy


Don't forget the "4 hole grommets" in the cable glands for outdoor use :-)
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You're using breakers rated for AC220V only, not for DC.  Exclamation This is likely dangerous Exclamation .  DC will create an electric arc when disconnecting, and will melt/burn breakers not designed to extinguish this arc.  I strongly recommend you change all breakers.
Note that DC breakers often have a +/- as well as IN(PV)/OUT(Charger) directions you have to follow.
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As stated above, those breakers are for AC not DC. You cannot use AC breakers on DC electricity. If one trips under load, fire will most likely result...
I use Midnite Solar breakers (specifically DC) like this one -

They come in 5, 10, 15, ....  amps.   Not pushing this brand, just to share that DC breakers for solar are widely available on ebay, amazon etc.
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Good work. Except for the ac breakers. You can get Schneider cheap on ebay made for DC Smile
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