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Sending li-ion batteries in Australia
Do anyone in know any postage providers that let you send li-ion batteries. All I can find won't let you send more than two at once. Or have crazy prices ($190 to send 60*18650's???).
Find a friend who's got a sail boat. Might be cheaper that way. Just take a little longer.

Shipping regulations for Lithium cells is very bad.

Ask your carriers if maybe you could package each set separately and then put those into a larger package. It might be stretching it, but they may take it that way. Also, perhaps ask them if you send them in cell rated packaging if you could send a batch. There are a few here in the Marketplace who sell 100's of cells and are able to do so legally. It might be because they are packaged a particular way.
Then again it might be because they bought a license to do so, I don't know.

Where are you sending from? Perhaps you could contact a local authorized shipper and see how much they'd charge to piggieback off their license (just a thought)
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