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My little Flashlight--or me bragging...
Hi All,
first, help a guy out, I have cells for sale and need to sell some fast, see my other post if by Chicago

Here is a Flashlight I made, spent a lot of time but it has worked out awesomely...Build one!

The Deets:
Light case: Power Sport Spot on board incandescent with Lead acid. gutted, Reflector of old light reversed and cut out to hold heatsink.
12V voltage regulator.
An internal BMS with 20 cells, 4P5S   21v
PC CPU Heatsink with 1 main 10 w LED under lens and one in each corner. cooling fan on heatsink has a switch ( green ) controlled by dimmer.
4 corner 10w LEDs are straight 12v
main under lens, front facing 10w LED in center of heatsink
Walmart mini dome LED 12v for cars in the handle... 1 watt I think
12V Lighter plug with removable USB adapter ( this is not through the dimmer obviously )
Dimmer control attached to output from Voltage regulator and attached to main light under lens
Red toggle powers up voltage regulator and dimmer control.
plugs on side, 2mm barrel jacks for Charge in to BMS, 12v out and dim out
blue buttons power main LED ( and trigger does ) and 1 each controlling 2 corner LEDs on front
Blue button on handle controls small walmart LED
Battery meter next to lighter plug shows percent and volts for the 21v. has a green power switch
a fuse is on the back, had that fuse holder for 20 years, I wonder if they still make them
back has 5 plugs, allowing individual charging of cell groups, but it will battle with BMS. charge one after the other and let balance...
2 true value chrome standoffs so it can sit on a surface pointing up, hands free when using the blue button instead of trigger for main light or handle light
has a cell battery monitor, shows total and each parallel group. cheap on ebay. has a power switch (1st connector on battery monitor switched) Push button allows configuration.

I would consider selling but I assume I cannot ship the batteries, and it is my baby, my prototype Smile But buy some batteries if near Chicago Please!!!

I hope this inspires people... Follow your dreams and do no harm...
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Damn! Vaporize those aliens no problem :-)
Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)
Commander Keen's ray gun?

Great little project!
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LOL Big Grin
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