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Stacking Tesla battery modules?
I see that quite a few people stacks their battery modules on top of each other, is that ok?
How much weight can the battery module take?
Modules like that are probably very resilient and hold a lot of weight. Especially when there's a lot cells in the pack. I would imagine there'd be no issue stacking them 7 high. This is more of a limit in accessibility and connectivity than max weight. I suppose if the connector is for parallel connection and not series, then you could as high as you could fit in your space.
Altho, again, accessibility would be the issue. You don't want to have an issue with one in the middle and takes you an hour to just take things apart to get to the pack you need to work on.
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perhaps take a look at this nice solution from Jens
stacking Tesla bricks/modules in 2Sx4P like a "PRO"
Notice the Mega fuse in the serial string for safety

I always supply fiberboards with the modules as an extra protection, Tesla does fit these in their own drive packs
We've come up with lasercut angled terminal connectors, 5mm aluminium, nickel plated
easy install

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