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Batrium Documentation Frustration
I WISH .....    This Forum would make a STICKY or TREAD for the Batrium. 
I know I know .....   We Have a BMS Forum that is open to all BMS Q and A 

That is not where I'm going with this ..... 
Have a Q and A Tread that Batrium could read and respond too or a person that Batrium has appointed to read and help that knows the product.
With any tread it can run off the rails. . . .  ( go off topic ) This would need to be clean of non relative post in each tread.

Have a Spec and Update Tread that Batruim could post any Updates to there products. This would be a good place to have a spec sheet based on firmware and Hardware.     Just as Hardware changes the firmware can change as well.

Not saying this would be easy !!!!!!    But the info that could be posted would help people with there Batrium products.   For Batrium this would be a way of showing what the product does and can be done with any and all the add-on products and firmware updates. This will help Batrium . . .  Batrium Users and those thinking of getting the Batrium products.

I know it would help me PICK !!!! As I still need a BMS 
Let me also say even with the lack of info ....  I was thinking Batrium for my system .... 
I own a stair company. I do all the Auto-Cad and HSM - CAM ... I also do sales and work in the shop... I understand the term ...    You have to wear many hats.
I think Batrium is going through just that.  Man power to do it ... and the cash flow ....   This is just how it works for small companies... This is also why I thing this forum could be an outlet for them to help with there products.

Just my thoughts !
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This forum is not for Batrium as a company as such. Their documentation is located on their website and should be in such a way. Having documentation or QA in multiple places is not doable.

Batrium and others are more than welcome to post about updates and Batrium do put updates here when they push something out Smile
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