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Watchpower automation/alternatives?
I dont have time right now since i also need to read up on the code...  Tongue  With that said in the MPI10kw folder you have some commands made since i use that to correct/change power going to grid via NodeRed and data from my SDM630 meters.

That may give you a hint:
msg.url = "" + f + "&w=" + parseInt(msg.payload)
This is how i send commands to solar sis from node-red. This basically tells solar sis to send a command that have the name of f1,f2 or f3. And then the wattage to compensate to grid.

In session.json you have in the bottom ListenOn where you define all topics to listen on.

Just above you have the definiton of that command

    "f1": {
      "command": "set/f1",
      "config": "set_config",
      "before": "before_f1",
      "callback": "callback_f1"

Here you can see everything. What command that need to be run before it starts. The config and also the callback what to do with data that comes back. 
What you would like to look at first is the command

"set": {
      "command": "S012FPADJ",
      "variables": {
        "feeding_grid_derection": [1, 0, 1],
        "feeding_grid_calibration_power": [4, 0, 999]
    "f1": {
      "command": "S013FP",
      "hide": true,
      "variables": {
        "fase": "",
        "watt": [4, 0, 999]

Here you have the "Set". You can add as many as you want here under. F1 is the one I have added that sets the correction. It defines the command and then variables to use. Watt defines 4 elements and between 0 and 999

Note that before it run the sets command you have the "before" that one makes sure that the data processed and sent is fixed or manipulated. It doesnt have to be doing anything but for above it checks the fase to set and calculates the values to send. 

Hope that helps a bit as start Smile
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#12 works great and also

both can be automated for gathering data and graphana graphs

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