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G'day from the Adelaide Plains, South Australia
Just wanted to check in and say Hello.

Been off grid, stand alone Solar for a bit over 7 years now.
The steepest learning curve I've ever experienced in my life, still learning, still enhancing the system, but the end result is that Solar works, brilliantly.
Still asking questions, still looking for answers, I guess that's part of living on Solar.
Photos or it never happened :-p
(03-14-2020, 08:33 AM)Keith V. Wrote: G'Day mate .... I am starting after a long learning process and little experiments now I am in the process of building my first system using 18650 batteries and build a power wall because will be cheaper to replace 1 $2.50 battery than a $300 battery so I am trying small area of my home (Thailand) - I have a 3000/6000 Watts inverter and lots of bit and peaces on order but bloddy hell virus is delaying all shipments from China which is the main producer of almost everything I need in here ..... I look to import from AU but the shipment cost is to High and will cost me a fortune he he he he ...same as you still learning more and more ..... I start with Led Acid batteries learning then I discover Lithium and now the 18650 3.6V lithium same as the one Telsa is using on the cars ,,,, Take care mate and safe  

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I like the way you're going, lithium wasn't an option when I first started.
When I set up my first system it was panels to controller to battery bank to inverter to AC for the house.
Eventually that became more and bigger inverters and more batteries.

Now I'm running panels to a controller/ inverter which supplies all the power to the house and charges the batteries as well.

The attraction of lithium for me is that you can take them down to almost 0% SOC as I understand it, whereas the SLA's I'm running now really don't like going below 80% SOC, which is a constant battle between supply and demand.

Anyway, my main concern is to make sure there's enough power to run the coffee machine first thing in the morning, if that woman I'm married to doesn't get her coffee first thing she's not worth living with, she doesn't care about SLA's, Lithium or state of charge, she wants coffee and don't get in her way.
Greetings from Sweden. I was at Gawler Airfield just a few weeks ago... You live in a beautiful part of the world, but man, those red backs are everywhere!! ;-)
Follow my Powerwall journey here: 

Building the following:
20kWh Powerwall
8kW Solar
30kW Heating system
There's worse things there than that! desert Taipans. Port supporters.....

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