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Pack Amp draw vs Bank Amp draw
Please can someone just correct me if I am wrong here ?

I  have a 7S bank (7 x 80p) and I draw 70A from the bank, then the draw per pack would be 70A/7S = 10A and the draw per cell would be 10A/80cells = 0.125A ?

if I am only drawing 10A per Pack then standard 10A house wire (1.5mm2) should be sufficient as we are looping it on the pack and so connecting 40cells (5a) to one side of the loop and 5a to the other side ?

Creating 3x2.5mm2 seems over kill as 2.5mm2 is certified to carry 20A and therefore 3x20A is 60A for 40cells seems too much ?
Pack amp and Bank amp is the same.

Parallel = Higher ampacity
Series = Higher voltage

Doesn't matter if you have 1s pack, or 100s packs, if you pull 100A, both will pull 100A.

The difference comes in the parallel connections.

If you have 10P then you will pull 10A per cell if overall amp draw is 100A
If you have 80p then you will pull 1.25A per cell

In your situation, you are drawing 70A on 80p, so you will pull 0.875A per cell. Doesn't matter if it's 1s or 7s, each pack is 70A.

So no, you can't use a 10A rated wire for your buss wire. You need at least 40A rated and doubled up (twisted 2 strands) or 20A quadrupled (4 strands twisted together)

Please read the FAQ located on the main page to get further clarity on Series and Parallel connections
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