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On Panel Batteries...
I had this fully sick idea of putting batteries on/near roof panels. they would then just feed the inverter/s when the sun went away (wherever it goes) It would be a problem in the cold parts of the world but for a lot of us it would mean safety as well (and out of my wife's view). I have 12 panels and 12 enphases so maybe 50Ah on each panel through a 10 amp BMS and either seperate panel to charge or a more complicated monitoring switching thing. Could connect battery to solar panel back box for ease of installation (built in diodes already for back flow) my enphase 215's operate between 22 and 36v so pretty easy to power with various batt setups. Anyone done this?
There's a company that's starting to do that with their installations. Solar Panel -> MPPT -> Battery Bank -> MicroInverter. All this built on the back of the panel. Not quite sure how far they got with the idea, tho. I read about it a cpl weeks ago, so not even sure who the company is.

I personally wouldn't has solar panels get a LOT of heat, which is bad for cells. Altho, I suppose if you had a water heater pipe array under the solar panel to soak up the heat, it might work better.
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Also the maintenance. PV panels should last 25+ years. Current lithium ion batteries won't, certainly not second life ones.
Also the added fire risk. Best to have the batteries in a safe, cool, and easily accessible place.
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My solar panels are on frames on flat roof so access for me is easy. They shade the roof from sun. I could have ammo box under each panel.

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