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restore old recliner
Guys, I have one specific question for you about  restoring old recliners?? Does anyone had such problems with house furniture??
No. I don't restore old recliners.
I have done some work in my early days but nah nowadays people throw away so much so you can just pick something better up 2nd hand Big Grin
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Better to buy new one if old chair is not so important for you. For example, you can find good and cheap recliners on reviews thebestreclinersreviews and after that order tham on amazon or ebay.
If it's structurally sound & you'd like a project, then why not have a go at restoring it.
Upholstery isn't too complicated & you just need patience & a good staple gun (use stainless staples).
It might be cheaper getting a new one, but sometimes that's not the only motivation :-)
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It is better to buy a new chair I think

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