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Nissan Leaf module bolts - made from ?
I need some M6 bolts for my Nissan Gen 1 Nissan Leaf modules. I can find almost identical bolts online to OEM but they are made from stainless, which I believe is a bit crap at conductivity. Can someone tell me what the original bolts are made of?

My OCD says I need to find either some identical OEM bolts so they all match, or replace the lot :-)
Most of the conductivity is from the surface to surface of the busbar to the post, the bolt doesn't really conduct much even if copper (bad choice, weak).
I'm thinking ideally the bolt would have similar thermal expansion to the post & busbar while also having good strength to press the busbar firmly against the post.
Choices might be brass (maybe plated? not that strong), stainless or mild steel (both strong).

Can you file a corner/edge of one of the original bolts & see if you can tell much from that?
Can you pick them up strongly/weakly/not at all with a magnet?
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Most likely the OEM is Stainless or Grade 8 or Grade 5 bolts. If they are slightly yellowish, then Grade 8. Metric also has hardness levels as well, but I'm not familiar with their rating system.
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