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Howdy folks
I am an old fart tired and fed up with what I consider being ripped off by inferior products. I want to learn how to repair and replace the batteries in my power tools and my laptops. I am retired and have been for 23 years but I still do all my own work on everything I own from cars, trucks, house, lawnmowers etc. I figure as long as I can do it and enjoy doing it the better off I will be. It sure as heck beats sitting in a chair watching the stupid television all the time waiting to pass away. So folks my hobbies are beside DIY stuff I hunt treasure, metal detect, fire off a few rounds now and then, read, rebuild vehicles when I have one to work on, ride motorcycles, collect coins, knives, play poke her, throw knives, dance, and a few other items I don't want to expand upon. Things I don't do include drink, smoke or do drugs, take dares or make foolish bets. I am too old to fight anymore, too slow to run, and I would rather just pull out a gun and stop the problem than prolong it and give the other person an advantage. Oh yea where I live has produced some of the finest moonshine ever known to man and the man responsible for it was named Popcorn Sutton.
Coinhunter, welcome... and I want to be like you when I'm an old fart to ;-)
Follow my Powerwall journey here: 

Building the following:
20kWh Powerwall
8kW Solar
30kW Heating system
My friend I am 76 and doing the same as you ... I come from Peru, Live in Australia for over 45 years and now retire in Thailand and many many things I can do here for example I am designing a solar battery same as TELSA using a 18650 batteries and charge them with solar power to save on $$$ in electricity also setting up a water collection tanks to be use at home and water the gardens ..... mate also looking for an old car to rebuild so yes mate there are many many stuff you can do ..... do you know how to Mig weld ???? if not I suggest you learn and you can build a nice car yourself ... that is one project I may do because here building your own car is restricted can make nice metal shelfs or table legs and put a glass top he he he many things send me a message on private and I will send you lots of sites I have collected and grate to make things ..... . Good Luck and Keep in touch ,,,,,sorry for my English

(03-19-2020, 09:53 PM)The Kilowatt Challenge Wrote: G'Day Mate I am in Thailand and in the process to build my small powerWall with 18650 I just look your site and I will look all your videos soon I will keep in touch Great thanks Mate I am retired in Thailand (From Australia)
Welcome - good to see you doing what you love. Enjoy your stay
Second Life Storage Cell Finder
Lithium Power Australia
Paolo Italy
Battery Hookup USA (10% coupon 'Powerwalls')
BigBattery USA (10% coupon 'Powerwalls')
Tim De Groot NL
Power 2 Spare USA
Pro-LOX Netherlands
(03-21-2020, 09:10 PM)hbpowerwall Wrote: Thanks mate long way away from home but very safe here at home now for a while designing and thinking in cheaper ways to build a power wall .... I am working on using a water PVC pipes and make a 6S 24V cell then combine many to make a 100WA battery then more ... I am making one cell now but waiting for conectors ..... I will post my advances as I go ..... Take care and be safe mate 

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