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Battery specs and why not???
Just getting started into repairing and replacing battery packs and I have already hit a snag. found this site by using Google while I was searching trying to learn the difference between LGABC21865 AND LGABC41865 CELLS. My laptop battery stopped charging suddenly and I ordered a replacement with "supposedly" the same model number and specs as mine but the laptop refused to work with it. I have never had one to do this before. It actually put up a screen and told me it was not a genuine Dell cell battery and promptly shut down. After reading the spec sheets on both cells there is very little difference so I am stumped trying to figure out the problem. I am hoping someone that has more experience can possibly explain what is going on. The battery I ordered came from the US so I thought it would work just fine and I did get it for less than a genuine Dell battery cost but not that much. I figure a penny saved is a penny earned but now I am back to having to order and wait on the real thing. That is why I signed up to learn how to stop all this nonsense. I have learned my lesson. If I cannot fix it myself then I will buy the genuine stuff from now on. Good thing I know how to fix most stuff. LOL So like I wrote anyone got any suggestions to help on getting these flimsy battery cases apart without tearing them all to pieces? Heck I done cracked one just squeezing it with my bare hands.
I have included a picture of the message it showed me.

It's not the cells that the Dell Laptop was complaining about it, it's the BMS portion that it talks to in the battery pack.

You could possibly take the good cells out of the pack you bought and replace the ones in the one that worked. But it would need to be done very carefully. For one, to reuse the shell, and another to not short out the BMS.
Some BMS' can be restarted after full cell discharge, others may not. Pretty much trial and error.
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+1 like Korishan said, the laptop talks to the battery & if it doesn't answer "I'm a Dell battery", it'll grump like you found.
The same thing happens with some printer cartridges.
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