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I did finally finish my Maniac_Powerwall after over 1 year of work and lots of reading and asking in this community. Thanks to all of you answering my questions and showing me a good way to get all of this up and working.

I want to show you some pictures of my work. Hope you enjoy watching and reading all this:

This is my capacity test station. With the SKYRCs you could get quite accurate and reliable results.
Repacking Big Grin
I built a tool to bend all busbars identical. That made the production much easier.
All busbars are made of 3 twisted 2.5 mm² solid copper wires. Getting rid off the isolation was not so funny.

Making 28 of them is a tough job. Like everything else. You need so much time.
I spot welded fuse wire to the cells on both negative and positive side. It was so much easier to spot weld the 0.2 fuse wire than 0.5mm, so I took it on both sides.
All the packs completed Smile Tongue
We built a frame for the solar panels, they should be mounted to the balcony.
We had very strong winds already and it was solid Blush
One more from the other side. These are 6 LG panels with 345W peak, so a total of 2kWp. In behind you can see one Trina 335W panel which is grid connected over a micro inverter.
We mounted OSB plates to the wall and covered them with a layer of fireboards, making it easy to mount everything to the wall. The space between is used for the wires later.
Also the channels to route the other cables are now nearly the same height as the wall. But you can still run cables out of it.
The plates to mount the batteries are made of sandwich aluminum with plastic in between. The holders are bent of aluminum, too. I used rivets to put them to the plates.
Between the packs and holders I used adhesive foam tape. That no scratching can occure when inserting the packs.
The uncle of my girlfriend had this cool cabinet for me. I also got a second one and they were fully equiped with cool things Cool
Here I have plenty of space for everything I need. Batrium, breakers, lightning protection, PC and so on.
You can close everything nicely and its all perfectly tidied up. I still need some things and also want an external switch for the tiny PC. I need to solder some cables to the original switch. 
All packs mounted to the wall. The cables are going through the plates inside the spaces, so you don't see them anymore.
The inverter is a MPP Solar PIP5048GK doing a good job for now. The output runs from the basement into my office room. Powering a PC which is online 24h a NAS, Router, Phones and other equipment. Hopefully these things will run without switching to the grid the whole year. In winter it could be a problem with only 2kWp. I also need to figure out what to do with surplus in summer, but I already got one more micro inverter which can be used on batteries and is gridtied. So maybe this would be a start!?

One more picture from the other side. The setup is 14S100P with around 280Ah which is about 15kWh of storage. But at the moment I will only use it from 3.5 to 4.0 Volts which will probably be around 8 kWh, but hopefully it will last longer.

Thanks again. Feel free to ask me anything you want about my Powerwall. Hope that you like my build. Stay healthy and safe Smile
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My Powerwall Build Thread

Maniac_Powerwall: 1x 14S100P 18650 LiIo, 6x 345W LG panels, MPP Solar PIP5048GK, Batrium Watchmon4 BMS
Looks fantastic!    But...  you think your finished?   That's what I said (to myself) just before I started expanding mine Smile
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Thank you OffGridInTheCity Big Grin As you can see there is space for more cells. Also think about three phase system upgrade in the future. I don't know if something like this is ever finished, so I fully agree with you  Rolleyes
My Powerwall Build Thread

Maniac_Powerwall: 1x 14S100P 18650 LiIo, 6x 345W LG panels, MPP Solar PIP5048GK, Batrium Watchmon4 BMS
That is beautiful. My hats off to you good sir. Love the extremely clean look. I am still working on making mine clean looking. The pouch cells don't make for the cleanest look. And in my RV, I needed function before beauty as I needed power.
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Thanks, im planning some more small cosmetic updates. I do like to make a cover under the inverter to hide the cables there. And small other things.
My Powerwall Build Thread

Maniac_Powerwall: 1x 14S100P 18650 LiIo, 6x 345W LG panels, MPP Solar PIP5048GK, Batrium Watchmon4 BMS
Good job! Smile
How did you print those capacity numbers on cells ?
(03-26-2020, 11:53 AM)Oleksii Wrote: How did you print those capacity numbers on cells ?
I think I can answer that for Maniac_Powerwall.
look at the first picture in the tread

rinter Printer Printer

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For Info Google Drive

Great ABB shunt breaker seller River City Industrial
Great prices and superb service.
 [Image: em2566%20(1)__19172.1521541365.jpg?c=2]

Not your average Wolf       
Wow, great set up and nice attention to detail on the wall mounting. Where did you source your aluminum back plate?
Thats an awesome build you got there!
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