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Looking for a split phase hybrid inverter (120/240) with 48v battery input 5k+
Hello all,

I had thought I had found a darn perfect inverter for my home solar array in the MPP solar hybrid product.  I was aiming at about 5kw, but I'm in the US.  I need a split phase inverter and MPP's products don't quite hit the mark.  Perfect if I was in a 220v country, not so much here.   Undecided

Is there another product on the market that would work for us here in the US?  As I stated I was aiming at doing a 8kw array install.  I'm not opposed to splitting it across two inverters if needed (I was prepared to do this as MPP only has at max a 5kw inverter).  With MPP struck out my only other inverter close to what I want is a StorEdge, and with that I can't use my 18650 packs.  Is there anything out there or should I just sell off my 18650s and go with the StorEdge?
Mpp makes a split phase inverter davidpoz has a YouTube video testing it
Will Prowse (youtube channel) just published this: DIY 48V Split Phase Off-Grid Solar Power System: Communication, Grounding, Panel Hookup and More!
Don't know if it will help your situation or not.
My apologies, I should clarify.  I need a grid tie with battery backup.  The MPP split phase inverter won't do grid tie.  their ls2424 will, but it's too small for my application.

Are there any other products out there?  So far everything I've found is tied to Tesla's powerwall (storedge), LG Chem's batteries (SMA), or BYD's batteries (SMA).  

I've found this product, but this is the first I've heard of it.
Schneider Electric, Conext, XW+, 6848, Inverter/Charger, 120/240 Vac
not cheap
Ships now ltd qty! LV5048 5000W 48V 120 240 Split Phase Inverter 8kw MPPT Solar much cheaper!US!-1

later floyd
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I use GTIL2 inverters. I have 2 2000w models (4000w) that wire to a split phase panel even tho they say they are 220v. U can have as many of them as u want for 6kw 8kw etc. they are $400 each
I'm sure this isn't cheap but I think it will do what you want?

I should add that the victron are stackable from 120v us split phase or 240v us single phase up to 3-phase power with big kva. So you could get it running and then keep adding inverters.
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(03-24-2020, 07:38 PM)Aaron Paluzzi Wrote: I've found this product, but this is the first I've heard of it.

Don't buy Sigineer - they lie about UL listings.

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