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14s100p pack help... Please
Hey guys,

I'm not only new here, but I’m also new to battery physics/science, so any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.

I am trying to build a modular Powerwall using an 18650's @ 2000mAh in a 14s100p configuration, hopefully providing 51.8v @ 200Ah, giving me 10kWh. If you see the images attached, I want to set it up so each 1s module has a 20p configuration. My question to you guys is what the best way is to balance charge this circuit and where would I place the monitoring devices. I’ve attached some images of the idea to help.

Originally, I was going to use a Batrium Watchmon, but I’m now unsure if that would work.

Thanks again

Welcome to the forum!

In the larger picture, you show 1s100p  (top 1/2) hooked in parallel with 1s100p (bottom 1/2) so you have 1s200p  (not 2s100p) - e.g. 1 pack or cell @ 3.7v (nominal) with 200cells in parrallel.

Batrium will work.   I assume you'll use longmons.    A longmon has a + and - wire that you hook to the + and - of the 3.7v pack.   You do this for each pack in series - e.g. 14packs (14 longmons) for 48v nominal 18650 lithium-ion.    You can hook the wires anywhere in the large picture - since all your packs are in parallel.   The longmon simply measures the voltage of the pack...  and if your busbars are reasonable thick the voltage measurement will be adequate no matter where you place the wires.   Maybe place + at one end and - at the other or in the middle etc...  not a big deal. 

The longmon also has temp sensors built into them so you could mount it on touching a few of the cells  (maybe 3 or 4 out of 200) if this works for you.   

In my case - I don't worry about the longmon temp feature so I just mount them at the front area of my pack so its easy to snap in the connecting wires.   If you arrange them in way so they are fairly close together you can save a lot of work and just use the standard chaining cables (and not have to make custom extensions).

When balancing, the longmons get HOT so you want to mount them for the heat to dissapate and of course so they don't touch anything that shouldn't get hot - another reason I mounted the vertically in front, so the heat can just radiate upwards and I don't need a fan or anything.
Thanks @OffGridInTheCity. Yeh you're right about the picture being wrong. looks like i'll be using a Batrium then. Thanks again.

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