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Offgrid but still have grid power
Daromer, yeah I guess I read that wrong.. thought it said it will use battery power and grid power at the same time..

this question I’m sure was answered before.. can any of these pip mpp inverters operate when the grid is down like an offgrid inverter and then when grids back up, they have the capability to supply loads with battery solar and grid power at the same time for loads like a grid tie inverter?
I’m thinking if an inverter has all these features it’s called a hybrid inverter?

Outback has an inverter that basically (as it says in the description of it which I can’t find anymore) sends a fake signal to gridtie inverter so it thinks the grid is still up when it’s not.

I want to be able to supply all my loads with grid tie (solar and battery) with the help of the grid power, like a typical grid tie inverter will do,,, but I also want to be able to have power when grid is down for dedicated loads panel.. all in the same inverter if possible. The inverter does not have to have built in charge controller and does not have to have an ac charger either. What is the name of the magical inverter I’m speaking of?

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