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Aurora PVI-3.6-OUTD-S-US panels in series
What is the minimum panels in series the Aurora PVI-3.6-OUTD-S-US can have if the panel specs are

Rated Power: 265W
Open circuit voltage (VOC): 44.20 V
Max power voltage (VMP): 35.33 V
Short circuit current (ISC): 8.20 A
Max power current: 7.50 A
Power Tolerance 0/+3%
Maximum system voltage: 600V (UL)
Fuse Rating: 15 A

Aurora specs here they are
It says 90-580 input voltage and 16a max.  So you'd need at a string of at least 3 in series to get above 90v.    However, more than a single string would be Max Power 7.5a / ISC 8.2A - so 15a-16.4a has the potential for > 16a max...  so you should verify with manufacturer if this is OK.

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