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Quick and messy Ups build
I started converting this triplite 1500 va 36v ups a couple years ago. The Build got put on the back burner soon after I started it. Life got in the way Sad just not enough time.
Now I have plenty of time.
I bought the 36v hoverboard batteries to harvest the cells. I found out about the upses on here then I saw a video converting these triplite 36v upses using 36v hoverboard batteries. So I bought three.they have been unused except for one which I did  convert from L/A to the hoverboard batteries.. I have 15 36v hoverboard batteries hooked up to the ups and a female x60 connector to charge the batteries with a hoverboard charger. Aprox 1.8 kWh - 2.1 kWh backup power

I made plastic bumpers where the wires for areas that might have a wire to metal contact.
 But since it is just temporary in case I loss power during this lockdown, looks don't matter much right now.I will make it prettier later.

Later Floyd
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