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DC Circuit Breakers
Thanks Crimp daddy

So I am definitely wanting it for the shunt trip, and the 125A DC breaker is 15KA interrupt, I guess I was trying to understand is I just needed an isolator with the shunt trrip rather than a overload circuit breaker,
To be clear, you should have two different needs built into the main breaker for your system:
a) overload safety trip ie the amps rating of the breaker
b) the add-on "shunt trip" function where a control signal can trip the breaker.

You need a) for when you get an inverter fault, nasty load or want basic on/off to work on the system, etc.
You need b) so the BMS can protect against a cell out of spec, over or under voltage of the pack, etc

The curve rating used is usually B or C as these avoid nuisance trips but protect the cables & packs from sustained overload or shorts.
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