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BYD , CATL & Sinopoly , Winston LFE Cells
These cells costed me about a 4400 dollars (48 cells), but i should check to be exact. The cells are cycled each day with sunpower i have to much, and it is used at night.
The 96 cells are for sale by the way, i want to replace my 200 ah cells with 280 ah cells...
(04-13-2020, 03:51 PM)Engineer34 Wrote: If so why everybody use 18650 ?
It should be 4 times cheaper then prismatic new cells. Right ? Can anybody give some figures in order me to understand ?

Because many people get the cells for free...

I only use 18650 for small projects, like portable power pack.

For anything larger, I use cells from electric cars.  They are still substantially cheaper than new LiFePO4 and still have excellent cycle life because we control the DoD/SoC.  Couple that with the low power demands when compared to EV, and the cells can last a long time.

There have also been issues with some of the prismatic LiFePO4 suppliers, like CALB.  They are known to put out inconsistent product, at least this is what I am told by people who have had experience with it in the past.
Jejochen , can you PM me your cells ?

Crimp Daddy
What kind of EV cells you use that cheaper then LFE ?

Jejochen just mentioned up he bought New cells for less then
USD150kWh. Can you share more about your cells ? Is it safe , what kind of BMS , inverter you use ?

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