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Button head magnet for flashlight
The last several flashlights I picked up has no spring contact between positive end of cell and circuit board. The cell would not make proper contact.

I was able to carefully bend up the top of cell but I see many examples of magnets for converting flat tops

There are some old thread on why not to use magnets on power wall applications

Is there a recommended size and type to use in single cell applications like flashlights

What ever size fits, I suppose. The current load is so low, it doesn't effect the power transfer.

However, if a flashlight doesn't have the spring in it, you should just use a spring and put in there. In the end, it'll be cheaper to use springs.
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One issue I have with using magnets on 18650s is that it could end up at the wrong spot and cause a short. Particularly Neodymiun likes to shatter into small sharp fragments on impact.
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