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G'day from regional NSW

I thought was time to sign up to say how excited and inspired I am by this community. I've been wanting to have home storage for many years but I was put off by Lead-acid no one was touching the more "out there" techs like flywheel so it only ever sat as an idea while I waited for the tech to mature. That is until I found HBPowerwall on YouTube, I've now begun collecting and it's tiny but you have to start somewhere, I'm also currently in a rented house at the moment so I can't really use them at the moment.

Welcome to the forum the best Powerwall forum around. looks good better than my first few harvested cells.
Later floyd
Welcome!    Fair warning...   I started with 100 cells and now, nearly 3 yrs later I'm crossing over 9,000+ cells...    its totally fun and addictive!  
Maybe you should get out while you can and go with less-addictive Lead Acids Smile
A good smaller project might be a UPS, maybe charged with off peak power if you can?
Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)
That is a great idea, I work for an IT company and we have two small APC UPS's sitting around doing nothing. I'm assuming it would need a different BMS as the inbuilt one is for lead-acid.
Hey there. I’m on the central coast.. where bouts in NSW are you?
Wagga, middle of nowhere but it's a nice place.

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