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Stefanseiner from Germany
Hello there,

my name is Stefan, I am 37, socialworker and at this time I'm core renovating an 115 years old farmers house together with my (not married yet Rolleyes ) wife.

She's a gereatric nurse and because both of our jobs are not with very high salary we've done all the renovatings for our own - with help from our friends and family of course.
Thermal insulation, new electricity, water, sewage, planing and installing an geothermal heatpump and the last one - installing a photovoltaic system (10 kWp).

Now, the photovoltaic is running a few weeks, I want to add an Lithium Ion powerwall made from "old" and used 18650 cells to cover the power consumption which we have permanently (TV standby, fridge, wifi router and so on) and when sun is not shining.

That's the reason why I am here.
I'm reading a lot at several websites and bulletin boards, specially here, and I hope I will find some help to reach my goal - a step more on the way to independency and environmental protection.

Stefan   Smile
Love to see more of this project
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(04-16-2020, 09:58 PM)hbpowerwall Wrote: Love to see more of this project
Thanks   Blush

If you really want to see more, we have our work-documentation as a website with tons of pics ->  (or maybe in English with GTranslate)
At the menue go to "Meilensteine" which means "milestones" to jump directly to the biggest steps so far, like

installing the geothermal Heatpump with 1.200 meters of pipes in the garden

cutting down "acres" of damn rebellious blackberrys all over the property

installing the geothermal system for additional heating and warm water for the bath

a little oven with additional water-heating inside

and rainwater cistern with 2x 4.000 liters. Now, over 50% of our water consumption ist covered by rain (toilet water, washing machine, the pool and for watering the garden)

Lots of work and it's still going on, but I love to make things with my own hands.
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now I got my own project thread ->  18650 Garden-Powerwall with 3KWh, no 4,6KWh no 10 or better 25, wait 50KWh in Germany
Awesome! How well is that heat pump geothermal working out?
it's the best heating solution.

Geothermal heatpumps have the best efficency you can actual buy. Out of 1.000 watts you will get up to 4.500 watts of heating power.
Ordinary you have to drill a hole into the boddom with 100m depth for the heating-lines and this is the same effect like I did.

But you can't do this for your own and you'll need a speciallized company for this. In Germany this hole will cost you about 15 to 25.000€ = nearly 30.000 USD. And with no warranty that this will work. If there is some granite in 50m depth - you have to drill another hole. And if there is some sand in 80m depth - you can't use it for geothermal heating and you will lose a lot of money for sime holes in your garden.

My version can easily be done together with some family members.

- you need a lot more space and typically in Germany the properties for new houses are not more then 500m², mostly less.
- you can't build some sheds / roofs / stone-ways or so above the rings because in winter you cool down the soil, and in summer/autumn it needs some rain to recover the temperature so you can cool it down next winter again

monthly costs:
300USD per month with the old oil heating (round about 7.000 liter / year)
now:  50USD per month electric energy for the heatpump (22 Cent/KWh), heating and for warm water, 155m² living space, with some afterwards thermal insulation at the walls

And this is without photovoltaik because I installed it just this year and so I have no values for heating and PV together.
Geotermal is done everywhere in sweden. I digged 300m one 1.2m deep to my sister the other day. Used for heating and cooling.
In sweden you get warranty on drilled holes. I think that depends on who you contact.

Its great way to heat in terms of exchange. SInce it work great during winter that air/air air/water doesnt nor does normal solar Smile
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There is a lot of information you shared. This is really appreciable.
I always try to share by learned findings and things I tested with others.
This is what the internet was invented for. And porn of course    Wink

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