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Chargery bms bad reviews?
(04-19-2020, 09:41 PM)jonyjoe505 Wrote: Hope they're not getting overcharged?

In winter I have the controller bulk setting set to 15.5 volts(max it will go) and usually struggle to get to 3.65 volts. The few times it does get to 3.65 volts the chargery will disconnect the panel.

If I set the bulk setting to 14.6 volts as recommended for a 4s lifepo4, the controller will only charge at 1 amp, at 15.5 volts I get the full 12 amps the 240 watt panel can put out. I demand max performance. Because of the extreme performance,  I have the overvoltage protection relay, in case bms fails.

As far as charging or not charging in cold weather, you can buy temperature control relays on ebay (cost about 5 dollars), they are fully programmable in turning on/off a relay at certain temperatures. They have small 10 amp relays, but those small relays can power bigger relays. You can see on youtube how to use those relays. Some that I bought only display in celcius.

OK, as long as you're OK with the shorter cell life effects caused by going to 3.65V?
You still get almost all the capacity going to 3.45V/cell & holding there for an hour or so - "holding there" lets the cells "absorb" similar to LAs.
I find going above about 3.45V/cell makes my LiFePo4 packs unstable & balance starts going out fast.
Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)

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