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Hi from a Brit in Spain
I live in a house in the middle of nowhere in the south of Spain - I have been off grid since I bought it 16 years ago. My 12 year old modified sine wave inverter is on it's last legs and currently I have a 12v system with 420Ah of OPZ batteries. 

I have just bought a 24volt Axpert hybrid inverter/charger/controller and I plan to build a battery for it. 

I am calculating what I need, today my challenge is to understand how I can have a BMS, that I can afford, that will handle the max amps that the inverter says it will draw i.e 186

Anyway so far this forum is a goldmine of information for which I am most grateful for.

I hope everyone is well and healthy around the world, I am happy to be hiding in the countryside  Smile
Welcome to the best diy battery storage forum on the net.

later floyd
(04-21-2020, 01:38 PM)floydR Wrote: Welcome to the best diy battery storage forum on the net.

later floyd

Many thanks floyd, 

I really really appreciate all the knowledge that is so freely shared here, I have been learning a lot fast and look forward to building my first battery as soon as I can  Smile

This morning I am wondering if I bought the wrong inverter yesterday to replace my very old one here, but we'll see how it all works out...

I hope all is well with you in these weird times.
Welcome dear

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