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Sont Battery information is incorrect for V, VT etc.
I've been pulling a lot of Makita battery packs apart, most contain V and VT cells, these I have found are generally rated 8A-20A, but the database has them listed as 260, 300mA etc.....

Since these cells are very common, you may want to upgrade them, or correct the information. this includes V, VT, VT3,VTC3,VTC4,VT,C6 etc. There are a lot of comments in each thread in regards to this....
Vs are not low current. I also found V1s and V3s in many ripped power tool battery packs.

Vs are not to be confused with standard current ones marked usually with G (G3,5,7,8, etc).
Vs are high drain, Gs are low current.

Also, the green is a little different, Gs are a little darker than Vs.

If the DB is wrong, it should indeed be updated.

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