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Samsung ICR18650-30B 2E94

I have a dead 2F8K3 DELL battery with eight ICR18650-30B cells inside (picture below). I want to replace these cells because I can't find any decent replacement battery anywhere.
I'm not familiar with cell's specs and I don't understand what the "2E94" line means.
I found similar cells on the internet but with a different line, like "2H41" for example.
Do I need to have the exact same cells and what does it mean ?

I'm new here, I hope I posted my topic in the right section.
Thank you all.

2E94 is just the manufactured date and possibly where it was built at.

The numbers you are looking up is the first line, "ICR18650-30B"

Here's the stats on these cells:
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Its the production date of the cell.

Use this tool

For Info Google Drive

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Alright ! Thank you for this clarification Smile

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