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Hi all
I have limited knowledge on battery storage and I gues that's why I'm here, I want to learn more.  

To start with I am looking at re-building a Lenovo laptop battery pack and am trying to work out the basics with regard to the battery specs that can go in.  I'd ideally like to up the mAh on the 18650 cells to what it currently has (6 x LGABB41865 Grey jacket) but not sure if that requires more to be done than jsut replace the cells. 

The second things I'd like to work on is producing a supplement battery pack for a Front and Rear Dashcam for parking purposes.  I haven't started looking through the projects that others already have on here but any steer on this would be amazing.  I am wondering what is possible to allow for a couple of days power for a dashcam setup.

Lots of learning for me.

Thanks in advance
you can find info on 18650's here --->
the cells in your laptop pack

Later floyd
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You're cells are 2600mah (nominal) and that's not too bad.   You can purchase up to 3500mah'ish- but that's it -
"....The highest capacity for an 18650 battery is the NCR18650G which clocks in at 3600mAh. A high capacity cell that is readily available is the 3500mAh LG MJ1..."

18650(s) advertised as 5000mah or 8000mah or even higher are just false    

You say you want to 'really up the mah' but if you replace the grey with all new 3600mah cells you'll only be 140% of the grey - as I said, the grey are actually very good good cells.  I have 3000 of them in my powerwall Smile

Welcome to the site and let us know how your project get's on.  

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