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Headphone Recommendation
Hi All,
I'm looking to buy a good pair of over-ear headphones and was just wondering if there's anyone out there who might be able to recommend some? Price isn't really an issue. I'm looking for high quality, good frequency response, low notes, etc. I know Bose has a decent reputation, but having owned 2 pairs of Bose earbuds, I was very dissatisfied by the material quality and how they broke down after 2 years of use.

Thank you
If price isn't an issue then I recommend these... along with a suitable amp.

Open Ear
Grado gs3000e

Closed Ear
Sennheiser HD 820
(07-02-2020, 01:59 PM)KellyClark Wrote: I like Sennheiser HD58X Jubilees

The beyerdynamics dt 990 pro in 250 ohm would be a good option in that price class...  I bought those for my wife, very good for the money.

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