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victron or sofar me3000 carnt decide ?
Hi new to the forum and im looking for advise,

ive got a small 2.5kw grid tied solar system already and im looking to add battery storage for home use and build it up.

options im looking at are the sofar me3000 and victron multiplus 2 - the victron i see on eabay for nearly the same price as the sofar me3000 and i know both are popular. has anyone had both and can share their pros and cons with them ?

batterys i carnt decide pylontech with it being complete and scalable or diy job -  ive built ebike battery packs with bms and part of me wants to build a 48v 5kwh pack with li ion cells, but with it being a house battery worry about safety and am considering lifepo4, so my question would be is lifepo4 really worth the extra money over a lithium ion cells with a good bms ? i know people build there own powerwalls with used laptop cells but these are usually kept in sheds and garages, my setup needs to be in the attic.

any thoughts and recommendations welcome
if you want control go victoron if you want somthing that you cant control get sofar aka mass energy
ended up with a lux powertek ac inverter kind of inbetween the two

What was the cost? How do you like it?


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