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[SELLING] 30 KWH Battery Samsung SDI 60AH 48V 13S
Hello everybody

I sell 8 battery modules,
identical in construction to BMW i3.  Samsung SDI LiIon 13s1p

There are Samung SDI 60AH cells installed.

BMS is defective, so sold without BMS.
Price per 1 piece : 13s1p 500Eur

Pick up, no shipping. Germany/ Cologne

Large whole battery: about 62 (57)cm*17.5cm*15.2cm
weight: about 29kg
Nominal voltage: one cell 3.7 V, battery 48v
Capacity: 60 Ah
technology: (Li-ion)
Standard load: 30 A
Max charge: 60 A
Final charge voltage/cell: 4.15V (longest life)/4.20v
Discharge voltage/cell: 2.75V/3.0V (longest life)
Discharge: 105A continuous, 200A/30s, 300A/10s
Working temperature: 50*C

Large one cell: 45mm x 170mm x 130mm
Weight of one cell: 2,05kg

The batteries  were bought for a car conversion.
But I decided to use smaller modules.
I also have several other 48v and 36v batteries.
Also five new BMZ 48V 13s22p batteries. 2.8kwh.



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