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Who poisoned you for Lithium ?
I remember clearly mine , i end up watching Jehu Garcia's video about Esamba VW bus in 2015 , was published in 2014.

I don't watch him anymore but still remember how greatly he pronounced "Baaaatteries" "Lets talk about Batteries"

Very impressed how he approached batteries then started to search , guess nobody was into 18650 that time.
And after Tesla style fuses video i started to collect 18650. First it was 600 pcs. BMS always hold me back,
i was sissy to blow something. Still i am searching the perfect BMS Sad

So i influenced by Jehu first , then at Australian forum Aeva  i saw hbpowerwall Peter ordering my same inverter; PIP 24 , 
I could not understand his English clearly but he was very cool and chill.But he was more into Solar then storage.

I remember he was showing his Youtube income as 0.10 cents Smile Then somehow he is also poisoned by Lithium. Dont know

I met with a few geniuses from USA, Canada and Australia. Watched half of videos available in Youtube , Will , David Poz , Average Joe and 15 more guys even in Russia and Thailand. Even the Half naked NZ guy from Bus mentioned here beforeSmile Everybody has their own recipe to prepare. 

Now i am on the edge to start big house logistics project in 2021 , looks like Batteries will be my hobby after i got retire. Yesterday i 
remember the history of Lithium and wanted to remember how it started for me.

Anybody remembers the first Video or first Webpage started THE SPARK in and get poisoned by Lithium , Solar or 18650 ?
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About 3 years ago, also some Jehu Garcia's videos. I mean I was researching this topic before it I was thinking it was cool if Tesla uses this 18650 bateries. But definitely Jehu sparked hell out of me about recycling. Now I still don't have working slavaged pack but WIP Wink. I have researched a lot about that topic and battery packs since I am working with them and electric vehicles a lot (day job).
I really admire the logic of Reusing batteries.

This Diy guys really doing something great. Hope more
people can watch those videos to get inspire. Now i also
watch Will Pworse and David Poz etc

Today i even saw Adam Savage published a video about 18650.

After watching Peter and Jehu's movies my doctor diagnosed me with BOCD.....Battery obessive compulsive disorder.

Now I write about it to warn and to welcome new people.

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Jehu for sure..
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