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HI From US in Michigan
New to electronics and with the virus stuff going on developing new interest.  liking the whole powerwall and off the grid living and have been watching HBPowerwall on a sorta binge worthy nature.  looking to start my very own system and in the absolute beginning stages of learning.
welcome here is a page to remember as soon you may develop a lithium addiction The need for more cells has been a symptom for many here For me it was the different colors of the wrappers on the 18650's.

later floyd
Welcome and I concur with previous post - the biggest danger here is 18650 (or other) addiction!    After 3 yrs, I'm closing in on 10,000 cells and just recently achieved an 8 day stretch of continuously powering my whole house on solar power Smile     This forum + @HBPowerwall, @DIY Tech & Repairs, @LithiumSolar (active members here),  @AveRage Joe, @DIY Solar Power with Will Prose, @DavidPoz, @jehugarcia, and even @Adam Welch, @Engineer775, @HighTechLab, @Going Off Grid.. have all been helpful for my journey.
thanks for the warm welcome. my intent is completely powering home on solar, wind, and maybe some water. even though water isn't as available. i have a direct drive washer motor that puts out some serious power as a generator. Went out and obtained my first batch of used laptop batteries. ended up with 100 cells of which 19 didn't register any voltage, 21 were 1-1.5v and everything else was 2.48-3.5v. still looking around locally to find more recycled batteries. so my 18650 cherry has been popped.

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