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Cheap used solar panels on ebay... $40/panel
That's interesting read. So from what I can summarize is that there's a slight chance that the snail trails might turn into a bigger problem. But more than not it's a more just a degradation in power. If these were more serious I'd say there should be a safety recall considering the implications of a possible fire hazard. I searched for jinko solar and safety recall but couldn't find anything so I'm assuming I'll be ok.

In my case I've had them for 3 years now and I believe the panels I got were already 6-7 years old when I got them (they were replaced because the rodents chewed through the wires). I haven't seen any more major power loss in the 3 years of owning them so I surmise that once the cracks develop and the snail trails sever the portions of the cell creating a irrecoverable loss but haven't grown any new cracks. I would assume most home owners would not even go up there to check for cracks, and unless the power loss was greater than the expected loss they would not even be replaced.
Yeah I'd agree, that seems to be a good summary.
Seems manufacturers had bad batches but have since improved processes.
Basically look out for signs of hotspots - ie burn like marks on the cells or the backing EVA sheet.
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