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Battery Charger/capacity tester build and bench top power supply build
So just a few days ago i ended up with 21 sealed laptop batteries for $30.  After busting them open so to speak and put the DVOM on them i had 19 register 0v, 19 register 0.5-1v, and ~80 3.1-3.9v.  With that said i am is the mist of just gathering as many as possible with out a huge investment.  Since i have already obtained so many(so many IMO)  i started looking for chargers and testers of which a lot of them are "unavailable" on amazon. At least the ones i see Jehugarcia, or HBPowerwall use.  So with more digging i decided to place an order to build my own charger/tester.  So today an order of 
20awg wire ( 6colors)
plastic project box Abs (junction box)
label maker
binding posts
soldering kit
Switching power module 36v 5a 
LM 2596 (10pk)
Potentiometer kit (50pcs)
Stand off post
Battery capacity meter discharge test analyzer 1.5-12v

power supply build inspiration:
battery chager/capacity build inspiration:

all i can say is the addiction is real.  laid around in bed thinking and reading and watching all night.  figuring out my electricity cost and my overall needs.  these are the first few baby steps of a long journey, but i am already enjoying the learning that i am doing and excited by whats ahead.  

part of the beginning of the process was that i scrapped an old washer that had a smart drive motor that generates some great power at low end RPM.  eventually i wanna make that my wind turbine and add solar power. granted this isn't the forum for that part. just excited.

I do appreciate this forum already with the wealth of knowledge to be had here i am sure to succeed.  Thanks all
says limited stock I have bought from this seller fast shipping but he is in the same city as I am. the prices have one up too
later floyd
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(05-09-2020, 01:39 AM)floydR Wrote: try
says limited stock I have bought from this seller fast shipping but he is in the same city as I am. the prices have one up  too
later floyd

Thanks i think i'm good at the moment. i've dropped about $300 today.  will wait till supplies come in.  Need to work on other peoples projects.  during this furlough due to the pandemic my hobby of wood working has become a income supplement.  Gotta work on their stuff now.
The ~80 with 3.1-3.9v should be fine, you're in luck to get that many.

The ones with 0.5-1v you can test at the end to see if you can recover them partially.

The 0V ones are practically dead and all you can use out of them is the plastic casing in case you need to replace the plastic of a good one.

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