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Home made battery changer
Update ( - I made a DC to DC Constant voltage charger

24v 19amps 35c.  its ran for months now all good.

I bought the 1800wat DC converter off eBay It will not run at this without cooling and high current, out the box it will run at 9-10amps at 80c.  I added a massive heat sink and used 1 high flow fan in an aluminium case..  To power it bought a switching power supply of eBay 
  • I added small dc to dc converter in there as well so I could run the fan at 13.2v to speed it up  Smile
  • A shunt so you can see how much kw/a has gone in
  • 12V plug for using any power supply you want (current will be lower)
  • Upgraded thermal pads 
Just for the safety people out there, the DC convertor has 2 fuses.  I added one more on the output + just in case.

Total cost £43.80

Build time 1 month lol and why did it do it not sure...

It was fun.

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I can appreciate a good DIY, but with all the options out there from Daygreen and Victron, I highly doubt I would build my own.

That said, the shunt is a nice add! Your finished product does look pretty sweet.

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