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Batrium Voltage settings clarification
Hi All,

I'm a bit confused with Batrium settings and would appreciate a help from more experienced DIY builders.
My powerwall is 14s120p (using old 18650's from laptop batteries) the capacity is about 300Ah.
I also have Victron Inverter/Charger 3000VA/48V, and grid tie SMA 2.5kW solar inverter (with 3.0kWp array).

I've just installed Batrium BMS (WatchMon4+Expansion with 14 Longmons) and connect it to Victron (with CANbus), and I'm trying to set it up. I've read hundreds of pages about Batrium and Victron and still haven't got all the answers I was looking for.

I want to run my powerwall between 56.7V (4.05V/cell) and 46.2V (3.3V/cell).
My inverter/charger setting are:
Charging Absorption 56.75V (4.054V)
Charging Float 56.7V (4.05V)
Discharge cut-off 46.2V (3.3V)

And now is the part that I'm not clear on - Batrium settings.
Question1: where my target voltages should be set? In Hardware-CellMon? Or in Control Logic?
I set the voltages like bellow:

Question2: I presume that Control Logic - Critical is a place to set my critical cells condition that hopefully will never happen. That is the settings that will stop inverter/charger and protect cells from over/under voltage. Am I correct?
My settings are:

Question3: If my target voltages are in Hardware-CellMon, should I set the same voltages in Control Logic-Charging/Discharging
See screenshots bellow

Am I correct with my thinking? is this settings correct? What would you change? Please bear in mind that I want to keep 4.05V max and 3.3V min per cell.
Any sugestions will be appreciated.

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