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[SELLING] *My Entire Stash Must Go* - Tested 18650's & Laptop Batteries
Well, I got into grad school. 
And, I'm moving from northern California to Berlin for it. 


- 924 tested 18650 cells 
  -- Capacity varies I kept anything above 1000 mAh (average is around 1800) 
  -- 400 above 2000mAh

- Two boxes of unopened laptop batteries 

- Two Opus chargers (BT-C3100's)

I am not looking to make top-dollar here.

Must buy the entire lot (Sorry not looking to part these out)

I would prefer you pick up. I live in Humboldt County (Northern California) 

I'm open to price, just send a short message of what you would do with em' & your offer.

I'm upset I never got to finish my first PW build in the first place. 

I would rather these go to someone who cherishes the process of DIY projects.

Message me here 

[color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.9)]
What is the total weight of all of the batteries and battery packs?

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