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Strange 18650 capacity test
Change the main leads to the battery or make sure you have good contact to the battery. If you use one of those wire spring loaded battery holders, then it's not a good contact. You need ones with the clip style. (

Also change the banana plug leads as well. I know I used to have one of those banana plugs that I used to have to twist in once in a while to make a good contact. It kept dropping its current early while charging. And do not use alligator clips!
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some of the banana plugs that come with the imax are garbage.
the leads are only good for low rate stuff.
my 18650 charge/test tray is 3 of the 4 cell "blossom" holders from ebay.
i used very flexible #12 leads and high quality banana plugs from pomona at digikey.
all holders in parallel and + - fed from opposite sides to balance resistance.
nice thing is i can load this with pairs/triples still together from packs and bulk charge a lot of cells.
then discharge at say 2a for a pair.
since they may go in an item together i test together and mark the sets capacity.
as for the imax they are a cesspool of cloned clones and are a real crapshoot.
a real one is ok but the counterfeits are all over the map!
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