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Mike in Melbourne's "Powerwall"
Hi All...

This is my leap into the powerwall community, I have no idea where this may lead, but time will tell.... but some day, I would like to run my entire home off the grid.

I currently have (at the time of writing this 13/5/2020)
1 x 57Ah Lead acid car battery (@50% is 28.5Ah's)
3 x 80 watt solar panels
1x 12/24v 30AMP Chinese knock off PWM controller
433 18650 cells
1 x 600 watt GTI (Grid Tie Inverter)
1 x 12v to 230v 550watt modified sine wave inverter (Cheap off eBay) ...  I run my stereo and 20 watt LED in my garage at nights for a few hours off it, feels good too I must ad. Big Grin

So I guess this is my "Blog" trying to head into off grid, that so many people before me have done.

I'm pretty stubborn to accomplish things and with the right guidance and of course falling down and picking yourself up, I'm sure I will get the right result.

So much to read and learn.

Mike Smile
Good luck with our cold weather at the moment!
Thumbs Up 
More testing and more packs to destroy, geezzz this takes along time :/
Sweet Brah. must have a nice source.
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I'm waiting for the 18650 holders to turn up so I can charge more than 4 at a time.... they are here in Melbourne too, I might just go pick them up rather than waiting to the courier/aus post.
A lot of the laptops now days are moving to the flat pack lipo's so getting the 18650's will be harder over time Sad
On my way to a 7s 80p pack .. just one of hbpowerwalls strings.. time to strip down laptop packs [Image: 1f642.png] so just sitting over 500+ cells now, so much time in testing and charging ..... ughhhh.
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All opened and ready to test.

Total count = 610 18650's

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