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Victron ESS

I've noticed strange behavior with my Victron ESS system.
The scenario looks like this:
Batteries are fully charged, there is plenty of PV power, load is low (excessive PV power is going to the grid). Multiplus reaching 100% SoC then switching to Discharge and drawing few amps from the batteries (and exporting to grid), then slowly reducing power and switching back to Charge. Charging few amps, slowly reducing the power and switching to discharge. The cycle repeating it self every couple of minutes.
It doesn't look like normal behavior, shouldn't it keep the batteries at 100% SoC and lower the charging current (or drop it completely), and switch to Discharge only when there is not enough PV power to balance the load???
My absorption and float voltage is set to the same value 56.7V (4.05V per cell).
Is it just me? or it is wrong? If it is wrong any idea what might cause this behavior?
I've recorded video which clearly show what is going on (it is especial shown around 1:40 of the video):

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