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Batrium Watchmon5 question
Got a pm from @Angeee but they have their PM's off. Batrium said it's normal and a result of the voltage settling. I don't know that I agree with that... but oh well. I do wonder if they are using a bq76940 because in the TI FAQ they talk about voltage rise. I wonder if they are switching between balancing adjacent cells too quickly.
Hi Will,
sorry didnt even realize i had it off anyways i have a similar issue and im going to try shorter balance leads, another battery and even some ferrite beads on the balance wires and see what it does. 

I'm also noticing this behaviour on the WM5 platform.
I would say reach out to Batrium. Maybe they will realize they have an issue. Or maybe all of us are doing something wrong that they didn't account for and they can help us fix it Smile

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