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Do I need to change these wires
I planned to make a 10s battery with just 10 cells, I bought a 16a BMS

Later I got hold of 20 decent cells so I decided to make it a 10s2p battery

I got a new 35A BMS although the cells are 20A

So the new unit arrived and it has thicker cables.

As the cables for my old BMS are already soldered in, is it essential that I resolder the new cables.

Here is a pic of the wires, existing are the wires for the 16A BMS and New are the 35A BMS

I don't see the difference in the pic, but you can reuse the older connector with the 11 wires. Those are just the sensing/balancing wires, probably carrying max of just 50~100mA. The 2 thick wires carrying the main load will be a different story - they better be beefed up.
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From what I can see, the coating is slightly different colored red. This doesn't effect the conductivity of the metal wire inside.

However, if the cores are different sizes, that can have an effect. But, for balance leads, as these are, it won't make a big enough difference to warrant worrying about.
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